Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Peanut Butter-Banana Ice Cream

Here's one final easy ice cream recipe for the last days of summer.  Like my posts for Maple-Bourbon Ice Cream and Spicy Lemon Sorbet, this recipe starts with store-bought vegan ice cream, into which you stir the other ingredients - no ice cream machine required.

  • 4 cups low-fat vanilla non-dairy ice cream
  • 1 cup mashed ripe banana
  • 1/4 cup chunky peanut butter
1. Place a large bowl in the freezer to chill.  Meanwhile, let the ice cream stand at room temperature until softened.  I used the vanilla from Soy Delicious, and found that it was the perfect consistency after 15 minutes at room temperature. Judge accordingly, if using an ice cream that is coconut-, rice-, or almond-milk based instead.

2. Meanwhile, place the mashed banana and peanut butter in a bowl . Mash together with a fork until blended.

Note: there are lots of great peanut butters to choose from on the market now with no hydrogenated oils.  I like Earth Balance or Whole Foods 365 brand, just to name a couple.

3. Combine the softened ice cream and banana mixture in the chilled bowl, stirring together with a rubber spatula.  Cover and return to the freezer to re-freeze to desired consistency.

This ice cream will be fabulous on its own, but here are a few ideas to make it even more decadent:

Crumble a chocolate-peanut vegan candy bar over the top (try the Jokerz which is exactly like a Snickers - but vegan), for a "Packed with Peanuts" sundae.

Top with Soyatoo whipped cream.  Call this sundae "The Elvis" in honor of Elvis' favorite peanut butter-and-banana sandwiches.

Serve with a scoop of store-bought mocha vegan ice cream, for a great flavor combination.  Add a sugar cone from Edward & Sons on top.

    Nutrition Info:
    8 servings (1/2 cup), Calories 183

    Tasting Notes:
    I was so proud of how this ice cream turned out.  It froze back to the perfect consistency, and if I hadn't made it myself, I would never know it was a quick trick of stirring ingredients together.  The banana and peanut butter were a perfect 50/50 ratio of sweet and salty.  However, I'd add both more peanut butter and more banana next time, for stronger flavor.


    Vegan Extra:
    A final note on ice cream sundaes: there's no better month in the year for ice cream sundae desserts than the last hot days of August.  A couple other fun ideas to try:

    "Banana Pudding" sundae - top your favorite vegan vanilla ice cream with chopped banana, crushed vanilla wafer cookies (such as Back to Nature), and Soyatoo whipped cream.

    "Fire and Ice" sundae - sprinkle your favorite vegan vanilla with cayenne pepper.

    "Apple Pie" sundae - top your favorite vegan vanilla with pre-made apple pie filling and cooked piecrust bits.

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